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Hulk 17k High Torque Motor Long Axis
A new high torque performance motor from G&G. The 'Hulk' high torque motor will allow players..
IFRIT Motor Long 25K
The IFRIT upgrade motor by G&G. High speed, this motor is a suitable upgrade for players desi..
Titan Motor Long 35K
A 'titan' of a motor by G&G. High speed, this motor is the ultimate upgrade for any AEG. Come..
Titan Motor Short 35K
A 'titan' of a motor by G&G. High speed, this model is an ideal upgrade for any AEG. Comes in..
BEU for ARP / R2.0 Series RED
Battery extension unit for ARP/ R2 series in red.  ..
G&G 8mm Ball Bearing Bushings
8mm upgrade bushings found in G&G Top Tech models. ..
G&G Cold Resistant Hop-up Bucking
This upgrade hopup bucking is resistant to low temperatures that are problematic for standard buc..
G&G G2 ETU Upgrade Kit
The new and improved mosfet has arrived by G&G.  Features: -fits all standard G&..
G&G Hulk High Torque Motor Short Axis
The new 'Hulk' high torque motor by G&G. Featuring a short axis, this high torque motor is th..
G&G Reinforced Piston - Full Steel Tooth
The most durable piston that G&G makes.  Feel steel teeth for maximun reliability and li..
G&G Rotary Style Hop-up Unit
A performance orientated rotary-style hop-up by G&G.  ..
G&G Wire Set GR16 Rear
Convert to rear wired for M4 series ..